About the Blog


Welcome to Spiritual Survival Guide.  I’m grateful you’re here.

I created this blog as a resource and community for Divine beings living in human bodies in the 21st century.  I wanted to share things that have helped me along my path and may help you along yours. My hope is to bring people together so we may discover that we are more alike than different and so we may know that we are never alone.  

With Love,


At Spiritual Survival Guide...

  • We believe in a higher power that connects all things.  We believe that the energy behind the universe and all in it is love.  We understand that everyone has a different understanding this higher power.  We may use the words God/Universe/Source/the Divine interchangeably. 

  • We are perfectly imperfect and will make mistakes.  It is through these perfect mistakes that growth and learning occur.  We are all students in a school called planet Earth. 

  • We understand that all of us are doing the best we can with what we know, and with our current level of consciousness.  Please be kind and compassionate towards yourself and others. I am you. You are me. We are one. 

  • We believe that each situation is an opportunity for growth and expansion and that “good” or “bad” are perspectives in this non dualistic world.  Each situation is an opportunity to return to love

  • We believe in the unlimited power and potential of the human body/mind/spirit.  

  • We aspire to unconditionally love, unconditionally accept, and unconditionally forgive.


About the Editor

Veronica Lombo is the founder and creative vision behind Spiritual Survival Guide, an online resource and community for divine beings living in human bodies. 

Veronica was born to Filipino immigrant parents and is originally from Southern California.  

After 15 years of lived experience with clinical depression, self harm, anxiety and suicidal ideation, Veronica found the inner strength to overcome an addiction to pharmaceutical drugs and take honest control over her mental health.  From a young age, she saw a gap in the traditional approach to mental health, so she took matters into her own hands and embarked on the path of the seeker. 

Now, Veronica shares a holistic approach to wellness with others that includes yoga, meditation, nutrition, affirmations, and thought pattern reframing, each of which starts with a clear connection to the energy underlying all that is — love. 

She believes that many people on planet Earth are waking up to their Divine nature and that diagnoses such as depression and anxiety are commonly part of the spiritual awakening process.

Veronica has been teaching yoga since 2009. She travels internationally to share workshops and classes and works privately with individuals to help discover their personal power and radiance, fill in the gaps where traditional mental health approaches fall short, and connect to the collective consciousness.