5 Ways to Ground Yourself Before/During/After A Spiritual Awakening

Many of us are waking up.  We are seekers on the spiritual path, yearning to know more about our purpose, about why we are here on planet Earth, about who or what is God and what is Source consciousness.  Since I was a toddler, I have pondered these questions. I had just learned to use the toilet, but I wanted to know why I was born into my specific family. As an adult, I have been drawn to experiences that have taken me deeper along the path.  Whether you have just done a Bufo ceremony, finished intensive meditation or Kundalini yoga, or received a particularly enlightening message from your spirit guides, these are tips to ground yourself and bring you back into your physical body so that you can carry out your tasks on Earth.

Photo by  Zach Reiner  on  Unsplash

Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

1. Do physical movement. 

Practice yoga asana.  Go for a walk. Run. Stretch.  Bike. Dance. Do anything that involves moving your physical body.  Feel your feet. Feel your hands. Feel your spine. Get in touch with the meat sack you are living in and move it! 

2. Clean your shit. 

Especially if you are feeling anxious, I have discovered that cleaning your home is a great way to not only freshen up your space, but engage in an activity that doesn’t require too much thinking.  Grab your vacuum and start moving. Pick up your favorite eco friendly surface spray and wipe away.  

3. Eat grounding foods. 

What you eat, and the activity of eating, can play a HUGE role in how you feel, and bringing you back into your body.  Root vegetables like sweet potatoes, potatoes, and carrots are recommended for vegans and non vegans alike. For those of you not consuming a plant based diet, any kind of meat will help weigh you down.  I’ve been eating a vegan diet since August 2018, but recently felt called to eat fish after an extreme awakening experience. I prayed over the animal before I ate it, and blessed the people who helped to catch and prepare the animal.  I prayed that its flesh would nourish and help me. If like me, you have been plant based, but feel called to consume meat, do what you feel is right. Remember, you cannot serve in this world, if you are not here, and present. 

4. Spend time in nature.

Pacha Mama, or Mother Earth, has a way of composting our negative energy, rejuvenating us, and bringing us back into flow with divine consciousness.  Pacha Mama can also help us remember that we belong here on this beautiful planet. Hug a tree. Walk barefoot in the grass. Spend a day laying in the sand and swimming in the ocean.  Visit a botanical garden. As you walk, lay, and touch, feel the connection of your skin, your feet, your hands with the earth.  

5. Meditate on your grounding cord.

Visualize light coming in from above through the crown of your head, down the length of your spine, out through your root and into the center of the earth.  Wrap the cord around the core of the earth several times then follow the cord back up through your root, up your spine, and through the crown of your head back into the space above so it makes a closed loop.  Feel firmly planted on the earth.