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An Affirmation for Feeling Good

Last weekend I heard Gabby Bernstein speak about manifestation. I came across Gabby’s books at a time in my life when I had hit rock bottom—ended a long term relationship, left my apartment, moved out of NYC, was depressed, lost, and hopeless.

She listed this affirmation as an important step in her “Manifestation Jumpstart” workshop. Gabby reminded me that when we feel good, we vibrate with a certain energy and in turn, attract miraculous things/situations/people into our life. By letting go of unworthiness, we release resistance to abundance.

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A Simple Affirmation For Self Love & Acceptance

Affirmations are an effective way to raise your vibration and to tune your frequency to that of love.  I started practicing affirmations about 10 years ago as a way to help reprogram my mind from self hating, fear thoughts into supportive, loving ones.

We have 1,440 minutes per day.  How will you spend each minute? Can you imagine how much your vibration would change if you attune more of those minutes to loving thoughts?  

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